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Catering - Arlwyaeth

All pupils will be able to pay for school meals using a cashless payment card or finger recognition.

The account can be credited in a number of ways:

  • Via the PCC website You will need to register on the ‘My Account’ facility and create a password. Select ‘My Services’, cashless catering balance. Enter your child’s date of birth and account reference number, click check balance. You are then able to check the balance on the account and top up if necessary by following the instructions on screen;
  • By using the Pembrokeshire Automatic Telephone Payment Service on 01437 775164;
  • By telephoning the County Council’s Contact Centre on 01437 764551(9am-5pm Mon-Fri);
  • By visiting the County Council’s Customer Service Centres in various locations;
  • It is also possible for your child to take money to school and credit their account using the cash loading machines which accept 10p 20p 50p £1, and £2 coins and notes.

Please note that you will need to arrange to credit the cashless account before 11pm the night before. 

We encourage Parents/Guardians to pay online in order to limit cash handling within the school.

If your child has lost his/her card or you need to be reminded of your child’s Account number, please contact the Catering Section via or telephone 01437 775943. 

School Meal Discount

Have you got three or more children in any Pembrokeshire school?

If so, a `Family` discount of 50p per child, per meal is available.  Saving you at least £1.50 per day!  You must have three or more children who attend a primary or secondary school within Pembrokeshire. Please contact the office on 01437 775943 for more details.

For a copy of the cafeteria price list and further information in relation to the Family discount scheme, please see

We look forward to providing our customers with a healthy, nutritious meal every school day from our facilities.

Free School Meals (FSM) 

Our cashless system makes it totally anonymous to claim your free school meal allowance of £2.50 per day from September 2018.  To claim your FSM allowance, please go to  or phone 01437 775943 for a claim form.