Achieving Excellence Together Rhagori Gyda'n Gilydd


Leader of Learning (English): Miss Shelley Rees          

Leader of Learning (International Languages): Mrs Meg McFarlane 

Leader of Learning (Welsh):     Mrs Karen Mallin


Welcome to the home of Communication, where you will find all of the essential information relating to English, Welsh and International Languages.

Our aim is to inspire all of our learners to interact and engage with the world around them. We are passionate believers in developing the multilingual skills of our young people so that they appreciate the different ways in which we communicate with each other. From Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5 all learners will have access to a wealth of experiences in reading, writing, speaking and listening so that they become confident communicators.

We believe that being able to speak with confidence underpins our ability to be accurate and engaging written communicators, and it is through our stimulating, dynamic and academically rigorous learning experiences that all learners will fulfil their potential in this area.

Key Stage 3


Mythology from across the world and the Gothic are just two of the subjects investigated during Key Stage 3 English.

 Our learners also will have the opportunities to explore animal rights, dystopian worlds such as Orwell’s 1984, Shakespeare's tragedies and the art of rhetoric. Covering the full range of skills, learners will be facing new challenges every term such as creating a vlog, writing your own myth, appreciating the art of Gothic literature and crafting speeches which change the world for the better. 


Talk, chat, speak, converse, question, answer, give opinions, discuss … What better way to get to know your new friends in Year 7 than to be part of a lesson which actively encourages more chat, not less?

On your language learning voyage through Key Stage 3, you will discover new ways to express yourself, and explore a vibrant, living and exciting culture. Along the route you will participate in day trips and expeditions which will lead you further into the Welsh heartland and away from your desk.  All aboard and off we go!  

French and Spanish

From a single "Bonjour" to having a chat in French about your hobbies, the food you enjoy, places to visit, French music and celebrities - you will grow in confidence and feel the power of language!

Key Stage 4


With two qualifications open to our pupils, we are able to dive into past worlds and explore issues such as racism and fascism but also delve into the passions of the human soul.

Our Literature course explores friendship, masculinity, hidden identities and a smattering of love as we explore plays, poetry and novels. In Language, communication skills are built on from our Key Stage 3 curriculum, with the aim that every pupil leaves confident and passionate about English. The new syllabus explores real-life issues from Fairtrade farming, the detrimental world of fast fashion, mental wellbeing, and the impact of technology on our young people.


Destination, GCSE.  Focus the next stage of your journey on developing those all-important language skills and making them work for you. 

Your 2nd language will help you to travel to exciting new destinations in the world of further education and the workplace, both in and outside Wales.   


Develop fantastic communication skills as your confidence in French grows.

You will express yourself through local and global issues and see how French fits into your future!

There is a wealth of language and opportunity for you so empower yourself!

Key Stage 5


If you have fallen in love with English, A-Level English Literature offers even more masters to study.

With personal investigations and work on authors of your choice, A-Level is the next step in a lifetime journey through the written word. From modern poets to classical literature, you will have the opportunity to explore the worlds of past and present during your time in 6th form. If you have a passion for reading this is the subject for you. 


Those who choose to extend their voyage after KS4 will continue their journey with visiting points in ‘Caerdydd’, ‘Lerpwl’ and Patagonia. 

Your language journey will take you into the worlds of poetry, drama, film and short story.  You will gain confidence as you study, whilst acquiring cultural wealth and life-enriching opportunities. Who knows where the Welsh adventure will take you next?