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Welsh Language Charter -

Y Siarter Iaith

Here at Haverfordwest High VC School, we are proud to be supporting the Welsh Government's Cymraeg 2050 initiative in its aim to have one million speakers of the Welsh language by 2050. Our staff is committed to developing an exciting curriculum in which all learners are able to develop their Welsh language skills for social and work use in the future. We are embedding positive language use practices supported by formal and informal opportunities to use Welsh socially so that we are able to achieve the aim of the Siarter Iaith which is to ensure that, in future, all of our learners can use the Welsh language after leaving school. 

 Being (at the least) bilingual is not only a communication skill. Access to both languages helps unlock Wales’s rich and unique literatures, geography, democracy, history and culture. To have knowledge, experience and an understanding of these supports learners to be active and successful citizens in contemporary Wales.

As a team here at HHVCS, we are focused on achieving the aim of ensuring that learners:
  • are confident in using their Welsh language skills 
  • foster positive attitudes towards the language
  • increase the use of the language inside and outside the school.


At present, all staff use incidental Welsh in the classroom and in our assemblies, and students have access to a wide range of enrichment apps to enhance their learning and enjoyment of the language. The School holds regular enrichment activities, including Diwrnod Shwmae, the School Eisteddfod, and trips to Llangrannog, and pupils have the opportunity to expand on their incidental use of Welsh outside the classroom when speaking to members of staff or reading our bilingual displays.  One of our next steps as a school is to strengthen our visual Welsh ethos, to ensure that all pupils understand the advantages of learning Welsh and of being bilingual. In committing to this vision as a school we are ensuring that all of our learners are developing skills for life. integral to the new Curriculum for Wales. 
The school has adopted the aims and objectives of the Siarter Iaith which are as follows:

Leadership shown at whole-school level - all stakeholders, including parents/carers, understand their role in supporting the implementation of the Siarter Iaith;

Learners take ownership of the Welsh language and understand its relevance to everyday life.

Schools encourage learners’ use of the language outside the classroom and offer Welsh-language experiences across the curriculum.

The school workforce develops their Welsh language skills and uses Welsh with each other and with the learners.

Work in partnership with the wider school community to support learners’ use of Welsh outside school.

Ac felly ... and so ...

Ydych chi, rhieni/gofalwyr, am wella eich sgiliau Cymraeg? Do you, parents/carers, want to improve your skills? How about signing up to one of the many online resources and courses available to you!

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