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Weekly Maths Update 1:


Weekly Maths update!

For the next few weeks, I will be providing some additional Maths resources to help you with your weekly countdown to the Maths GCSEs. These will be primarily for pupils in the Intermediate groups but may help some aspects of the Higher level work too.

Each week, I will provide questions on the topics you are covering in the week. These may be exam questions or links to videos to help to improve your understanding. Answers will be supplied for any questions I give you so that you can check your work. If you need help, you can always ask your teacher in class.

This week you have been working on algebra (nth term of linear sequences, trial and improvement, straight line and quadratic graphs). You will have also been given the past paper Unit 2 Nov 2017 to be completed in class.

See below for links about quadratic graphs which may be of help.

 See below for questions to supplement your class work.


Good luck. Look out for next week’s Maths update!

Miss Griffiths