Achieving Excellence Together Rhagori Gyda'n Gilydd

Expressive Arts 

Celfyddydau mynegiannol

Learning Manager: Mr James Olyott

Assistant Learning Manager:  Mrs Naomi Stephenson


Welcome to the Expressive Arts Faculty at Haverfordwest High School.

The faculty comprises of the Art, Drama and Music departments. We believe in an “Arts for All” curriculum where everybody is able to express themselves in a friendly and safe environment.

We aim to inspire everybody through a diverse range of challenging activities that encourages pupils to investigate different styles, media and practitioners.
As a faculty we believe that pupils need to experience the Arts in a practical manner. Pupils develop their skills within the classroom but are encouraged to use these skills further by participating in the vast range of extra-curricular activities such as Musicals, Theatre Trips, Choirs, Orchestras, Jazz Bands, Gallery Visits and so much more.
Pupils are encouraged to test their skills by engaging fully in the challenging experiences that are offered by the faculty both within and outside the classroom. When pupils fully participate in the exciting and stimulating experiences that are available they can exceed their potential and reach for the stars.

Key Stage 3


Pupils study a wide range of artists and techniques at KS3 in order to improve their knowledge and skills.

Whether you see yourself as a portrait artist or pop artist you will have the opportunity to strengthen your drawing and recording skills whilst experimenting with a wide variety of media, methods and techniques. You will also carry out projects that enable you to investigate the work of traditional and contemporary artists such as Picasso, Tim Okamura, Julian Opie and Lucinda Rogers.


Are you the next big thing in Hollywood? The Year 8 and 9 Drama course hopefully puts you on the road to stardom by helping you to develop your skills by investigating techniques such as status, body language and character.

Pupils also investigate using theatrical techniques of key practitioners such as Brecht and Stanislavski. Pupils take part in acting, devising and scripted tasks such as Blood Brothers, Superheroes and Physical Theatre to improve their subject specific and extended skills. Pupils are also encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular activities such as plays and musicals to extend their skills further.


Pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills in the three key areas of Performing, Composing and Appraising during KS3.

When performing, pupils develop their skills as a soloist and member of an ensemble through a series of challenging tasks from Pachelbel’s Canon, Twelve Bar Blues through to Popular Music of the 21st Century. Composition tasks equally challenge pupils to use the elements of music and composing techniques to develop their harmonic and melodic writing. Pupils compose as an individual or in larger groups using stimuli from Film music, Samba Drumming, Carnival of the Animals and using Minimalist techniques. Pupils are also encouraged to participate in the wide range of extra-curricular activities that the department offers to develop their musical and extended skills further.
Key Stage 4


Pupils get the opportunity to improve the skills that they have developed in Art at KS3. Within this course pupils are able to carry out practical tasks around an individual theme as they work towards an individual response.

When carrying out this task pupils are encouraged to appreciate the work of others through personal comment and evaluate their own work in a meaningful manner. Pupils also work towards an external examination paper during the Spring term of Year 11.


Whether or not you consider yourself to be an actor, director or part of the backstage crew you will love the GCSE Drama course.

Pupils get the opportunity to develop their practical and theoretical knowledge through devising and performing in their own pieces of theatre, improving their performing or design skills in a scripted performance and improving their knowledge of theatre through the study of set texts and carrying out a live theatre review. Pupils take part in visits to the theatre during this course and are encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular plays and shows that the department offers.


If you have found that you have enjoyed performing, composing and appraising at KS3 then the GCSE course in Music gives you the opportunity to extend your skills further.

As a performer you will be asked to play as a soloist and as a member of an ensemble. To enable you to do this you will receive tuition from members of the Pembrokeshire Music Service. When composing you will develop your skills in melodic and harmonic writing as well as being able to use composing devices more effectively. You will also learn to use Sibelius and Cubase software to assist you in the composing tasks. You also develop your listening skills through the study of music from the classical period right up until present day popular and world music. Pupils are also encouraged to participate in the wide range of extra-curricular activities that the department offers in order to extend their skills further.