Achieving Excellence Together Rhagori Gyda'n Gilydd

Humanities - Dyniaethau

Learning Manager:  Mrs Kate Hudson-Brown 

Assistant Learning Manager: Mr Chris Cunliffe 


Humanities is the study of human society and its culture.

In an ever inter-connected world it is an increasingly important discipline for learners to understand and eventually master. Our faculty is made up of traditional subjects such as Business Studies, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Sociology and Psychology. These are available to learners at different points during their academic journey.

During Year 7, pupils will study Humanities as a single subject. This will cover a range of conceptual themes and develop required key skills. The world is a complicated place and the disciplines of Geography, History and Religious Studies are explored through a holistic study which is assessed using a range of techniques and learning styles. 

Currently, pupils in Year 8 and 9 study these areas independently. This allows them to explore in more detail a range of topics such as Tectonic Hazards, Jack the Ripper and Hinduism amongst others. During Key Stage 3, pupils will also be expected to show their progression in the relevant areas of literacy, numeracy and digital competency. This will support their understanding of the subject and enhance their cross-curricular skills. 

Throughout Years 10 and 11, pupils are given the opportunity to build on their previous experiences and skills. All pupils are expected to study Religious Studies as a compulsory GCSE subject, however they are also able to choose from a range of our other popular subjects such as Business Studies, Geography and History. These all follow the WJEC specifications which can be found at

Learners who wish to continue to A level are safe in the hands of experienced subject specialists and are given the further option of exploring the subjects of Psychology and Sociology. 

In conclusion, the discipline of humanities will allow a greater insight into the world, helping mankind to better understand the past, the present, our future and ourselves.