Achieving Excellence Together Rhagori Gyda'n Gilydd

Teaching and Learning -

Dysgu ac Addysgu

At Haverfordwest High VC School, we aim to deliver a curriculum that will help pupils to become:

• ambitious, capable learners
• enterprising, creative contributors
• ethical, informed citizens
• healthy, confident individuals

These are the four core purposes at the heart of the Successful Futures report (Graham Donaldson, 2015).

Because we are committed to excellence in the classroom, we recognise that good teaching and learning:

1. Maintains a consistent focus on the overall purposes of the curriculum;
2. Challenges all learners by encouraging them to recognise the importance of sustained effort in meeting expectations that are high but achievable for them;
3. Employs a blend of approaches, including direct teaching;
4. Employs a blend of approaches including those that promote problem solving, creative and critical thinking;
5. Sets tasks and selects resources that build on previous knowledge and experience and engage interest;
6. Creates authentic contexts for learning;
7. Means employing assessment for learning principles;
8. Ranges within and across Areas of Learning and Experience;
9. Regularly reinforces Cross-curriculum Responsibilities, including literacy,
 numeracy and digital competence, and provides
opportunities to practise them;
10. Encourages children and young
 people to take increasing responsibility for their own learning;
11. Supports social and emotional development and positive relationships;
12. Encourages collaboration.

As we progress and develop, we will provide more information in these pages about the exciting opportunities and approaches our learners are encountering at Haverfordwest High VC School. You will find more information here about two areas: PiXL and Accelerated Reader.