Achieving Excellence Together Rhagori Gyda'n Gilydd

Our Staff - EIN STAFF

 Senior Leadership Team - Uwch Dîm Arweinyddiaeth

Mrs J Harries Headteacher
Mrs T Edwards Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mrs B Davies Deputy Headteacher
Mr J Dodd Assistant Headteacher - Wellbeing and Inclusion
Ms S Rees Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum
Mrs K Templeton Assistant Headteacher - Performance and Standards
Mr S Walker Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning
Mrs J Foss Business Manager

 Communications - Cyfathrebu

Mrs D Brown Leader of Learning: English English
Mrs M McFarlane Leader of Learning: MFL French
Mrs L Jones Leader of Learning: Welsh Welsh
Mr G Collier Achievement Leader: Sixth Form Welsh
Mrs L Davies Achievement Leader: Year 7 English
Mrs A Edwards English
Miss F Edwards French
Miss K Evans English
Miss R Francis French
Mrs J Gerlach English
Mrs L Gibbs (Mrs D Brown) English
Mrs C Holgate Welsh
Mrs M Huddleston-Cook English
Mrs K Mallin KS4 Coordinator Welsh
Mrs H Meredith English
Mrs R Owens Learning Manager KS4 Skills Challenge Welsh
Ms E Tamilia English
Miss S Robinson Welsh
Ms R Smith English
Mrs C Thomas Achievement Leader: Year 8 English
Miss J Brook (Miss S Rees Cover) English
Mrs E Richards Literacy Support Worker

 Expressive Arts - Celfyddydau Mynegiannol

Mr J Olyott Learning Manager Music
Mr C Prosser Assistant Learning Manager Art
Mrs S Edwards Art
Miss L Goldsmith Drama
Miss T Griffiths Art
Mr S Hughes Music
Mrs L Shelmerdine-Richards Music
Mrs N Stephenson Art

 Health and Wellbeing - Iechyd a Lles

Mr M Jones Learning Manager PE
Mrs N Williams Assistant Learning Manager Alternative Curriculum
Mr C Chancey PE
Mr N Davies PE
Miss R Mankee PE
Mrs K Pearce PE
Mrs D Truman PE

 Humanities - Dyniaethau

Mrs K Hudson-Brown Learning Manager Business
Mr C Cunliffe Assistant Learning Manager Geography
Ms R Allen WRE and Careers Support Psychology/H&S
Mrs V Avery RE
Mrs L Buffee Head of Sixth Form & Learning Manager KS5 Skills Challenge Business
Mrs D Hall Achievement Leader: Year 10 RE
Mrs V Hooper History
Miss M Hughes Business
Mrs R James History
Mrs V Jones RE
Mr T Palmer History
Miss D Pretious Geography
Mrs R Pritchard History/Sociology
Mr A Thompson Geography
Miss L Vaughan Humanities

 Mathematics, ICT and Computing - Mathemateg, TGCh a Chyfrifiadureg

Mr A Harries Learning Manager Maths
Mrs S Clewer Assistant Learning Manager Maths
Miss L Bevan ICT
Mr C Davies Achievement Leader: Year 9 Maths
Mr R Davies Maths
Mr L Fedor Maths
Mrs A George Maths
Miss N Griffiths Maths
Mrs R Hoskins Maths
Mrs J Hughes Maths
Mr K Murphy ICT
Miss M Nicholas Maths
Mrs E Wilkinson Maths

 Science and Technology - Gwyddoniaeth a Thechnoleg

Mrs A Lewis Learning Manager Science
Mr A Llewellyn Assistant Learning Manager Technology
Mrs S Barnett Science
Mr S Broomfield Science
Miss S Brayford Achievement Leader: Year 10 Technology
Mr D Davies Leader of Learning: DCF Technology
Mr K Elcock Technology
Me L Elson Technology
Mr T Evans Technology
Mrs J George Science
Mr R Gharaati Science
Mr H Himsworth Science
Mr A John Science
Mr C Lewis Science
Mrs E Lewis Science
Mrs S Phillips Technology
Mrs A Preddy Science
Mr R Sargint Science
Miss K Shortt KS3 Science Coordinator Science
Dr N Wayman Science
Miss N Williams KS3 Coordinator Technology

 WBQ - Bagloriaeth Cymru

Mrs R Owens Learning Manager KS4 WBQ/Welsh
Mrs L Buffee Learning Manager KS5 WBQ/Business

 Inclusion and Pupil Support - Cynhwysiant a Chefnogaeth Disgyblion

Miss S Basford ALNCo
Mrs S Garside Teacher - The Junction
Mrs S Mortimer-Thomas Inclusions Support and Outreach LSA
Mr D Abbott Cover Supervisor/TA
Mrs D Esmond Cover Supervisor/TA
Mrs A Gardner Cover Supervisor/TA
Mr M Spearing Cover Supervisor/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Grice HLTA
Miss C Davies HLTA
Mrs N Rogers HLTA
Mrs L Oxley HLTA
Miss R Bristow Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Burns Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Fletcher Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Rowe Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Thomas Teaching Assistant
Miss C Wright Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Ahmed LSA
Mrs J Brock LSA
Mrs A Chaston LSA
Mr D Davies LSA
Mr J Davies LSA
Mrs C Donald LSA
Mrs K Henderson LSA
Miss M Hughes LSA
Mrs L James LSA
Miss H Jones LSA
Ms J Morgan LSA
Miss D Phillips LSA
Mr N Thomas LSA
Mrs C Wilkins LSA
Mrs K Thicker Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr J Llewhellin Behaviour Support Team Leader
Mr D Hart Behaviour Support Assistant
Mr T Darcy Behaviour Support Assistant
Mr S Owens Behaviour Support Assistant
Mrs W Phillips Behaviour Support Assistant
Mrs B Francis Behaviour Support Assistant

 Wellbeing - Lles

Miss C Thomas Pupil Welfare and Safeguarding Manager
Mr G Colville Pupil and Parent Engagement Officer
Mrs S Moses Youth Worker
Mrs A Griffiths School Counsellor
Mrs B Osbourne School Counsellor

 ICT and Technicians - TGCh a Thechnegwyr

Mr R  Humphries Network Manager
Ms J Bolton Technician ICT
Mr J Morgan Technician ICT
Mr W Taberner Technician
Mrs T Dundas Science Technician
Mr W Fullick Technician
Mrs S Slater Technician
Mrs E Hood Technician
Mr M Hoskins Technician
Mrs S Salmon Technician

 Office and Administration - Swyddfa a Gweinyddiaeth

Mrs R Price Office Manager
Mrs M Treiber-Johnson Finance Officer/Site/MIS
Mrs P Stanton Examinations Officer
Mrs M Richards PA to Headteacher
Mrs I Cole Administration Officer
Mrs E Davies Administration Officer - Attendance
Mrs T Emery-Davies Administration Officer - Exams & Testing/Curriculum
Mrs K Kirkham Administration Officer - HR
Mrs L Mason Administration Officer
Mrs P McCarthy Administration Officer - Sixth Form
Mrs L Willington Administration Officer - ALN
Mrs A McKay Administration Officer
Miss D Whelton Administration Officer
Mrs G Frost Learning Centre Coordinator
Mrs L Smith Receptionist
Mrs C Harries Receptionist
Mrs D Roberts Receptionist
Mrs C Hanson-Smith Reprographics Assistant

 Site Team - Gweithwyr Safle

Mr S Phillips
Mr M Preston














Mrs Shelmedine