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Inclusion at Haverfordwest High VC School

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Haverfordwest High VC School is an inclusive school in which Additional Learning Needs are the responsibility of the whole staff.

We strive to ensure that all pupils' needs are met so that they can be full and active participants in the school community. Pupils receive a range of classroom support including differentiation of lesson content, additional support in class from teachers and LSAs and provision of support materials from class teachers.  The school offers a range of interventions provided by the Learning Support Department, including literacy support. 

We understand that changing schools can cause particular anxiety for some pupils with additional learning needs and their families. If your son or daughter has an additional learning need, please contact the Inclusion Department to arrange a visit the school.

For further information, please refer to our ALN policy in the Our Policies section.


From September 2021 the new ALN system will come into force over a three-year phased implementation period.  The School will notify all parents if your child is currently on the SEN register of how these changes will be implemented. 

If you have any concerns please initially speak to your child’s Achievement Leader.  To find out more on the new Additional Learning Needs system please click on the links below.


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