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Using School cloud - Defnyddio School cloud

Logging in

If you are a parent, please follow this link. If you're having issues logging in, please contact the school.

If you are a teacher, please follow this link

If you are an admin, please follow this link.

Booking Guidance 

Please click here for some help on booking appointments for your child.

Technical Guidance

Call not connecting - black screen only

On some occasions it will seem that the call isn’t quite connecting, in this instance try hanging up the call and then re-join.

Web Browser Compatibility Issues

SchoolCloud will need to run on a compatible web browser, below is a list of all the compatible browsers. If you are accessing the platform from a link from your emails on a mobile device, you will need to open the link in your web browser instead.

In order to make video calls you need to have as a minimum:

  • a device with a microphone and speaker/headphones
  • a compatible up-to-date web browser:

iPhone/iPad: Safari  Note: there is a known issue joining video calls using iOS 14.2. Please upgrade any iOS 14.2 devices to iOS 14.3, or use an alternate device.

Android: Chrome or Firefox - please note that Samsung phones often default to using the Samsung Browser, this is not supported.

Windows: Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Chromium - download here)

Mac: Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Linux: Chrome or Firefox

Known Incompatible Web Browsers

Some popular web browsers which are unable to run SchoolCloud are:

  • Amazon Silk Browser found on the Amazon Fire devices
  • Samsung Internet Browser found on with Samsung smartphones

In both of these instances, please download Google Chrome from Google Play or equivalent app store.

SchoolCloud also recommend:

  • Using your smartphone with the latest software updates for video appointments. If you don't have a smartphone with a front-facing camera, use a laptop or computer with a webcam.
  • Using a headset (or earphones with a microphone) to reduce echo.

Known Incompatible Devices

  • Android 6.0 Lenovo Tablets

In these instances, it will be worth trying to update the tablet to the latest software.

Further Information

For more information on joining via video chat, please see this article.