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Service Pupil Support 

Cymorth Disgyblion Milwrol

Haverfordwest High VC School is committed to supporting all pupils including our Service children and Military families. 

We work closely with SSCE Cymru (Supporting Service Children in Education Wales) who have identified that these pupils have faced experiences which may include:

  • Emotional impact of separation during deployment/training
  • Making/Losing friends
  • Missing friends/family they no longer live near
  • Frequent school and home moves
  • Living in different countries
  • Missing curriculum content/duplicating of curriculum content
  • Adapting to different curriculums
  • Learning Welsh for the first time
  • Impact on lifestyle when parent/s transition out of the Armed Forces. 


The SSCE Cymru definition of a Service child is:

A person whose parent, or primary carer, serves in the regular armed forces,

or as a reservist, or has done so at any point during the first

25 years of that child/young person’s life.


 Awareness of the number of Service pupils we have at HHVCS enables us to understand their needs and access additional support/funding if required. 

Please visit the SSCE website for information on how service children are supported in education in Wales:


At HHVCS we understand the difficulties that our Service pupils face when transitioning in/out of school, especially if this falls mid-term. We have Service Ambassadors to help them feel welcome and part of our school family and also support with ‘getting to know’ any new school friends when moving to pastures new. We have a large team of pupil support staff to help new pupils settle into the new school environment and to monitor integration into HHVCS as time goes on.  


HHVCS recently applied for Armed Forces Friendly Schools (AFFS) Cymru status. We are pleased to announce that we have successfully achieved gold status. 

Below are statements highlighting the importance of this prestigious achievement.

“Congratulations on attaining Armed Forces Friendly Schools Cymru status.  I am very proud of the support schools in Wales are giving to the children of our Armed Forces. I want all children and young people to be supported to achieve their best. It is right that we recognise and celebrate your achievements.”
Jeremy Miles MS, Education Minister, Welsh Government


“On behalf of the military community based or settled in Wales, I’m thrilled that this scheme recognises the vital support our children receive in the wonderful schools that we are blessed with right across Wales. Thank you for your amazing support and for continuing to nurture the education of our children as a Forces Friendly School. Congratulations for this special recognition.”
Brigadier Andrew Dawes CBE, Head of the Army in Wales



We asked our Service Pupils to complete a Pupil Voice Survey so we had a better understanding of how we could support them as a school. Here are a few of the questions/answers.


 What is positive about being a Service Pupil?

We get to meet new people and see new places.

I found one of my old friends again when we moved. 

I moved  back to the country where my family lived, so I can see them more now. 

We see lots of different places and sometimes we get to stay somewhere we like for longer. 

Service pupils of HHVCS


What is negative about being a Service Pupil?

I’m enjoying my school and have really good friends and then have to leave.

I have to stop clubs and I worry about my new school.

I worry about getting lost in my new school. 

I like learning about other countries when I live there. 

I find it hard to make new friends.

Service pupils of HHVCS


How do you feel when your parent/carer is away? 

I miss Dad and get scared for him. It’s exciting when Dad comes home again. 

Mum can get really stressed when Dad is away, I get tired as I have to do more jobs to help with my younger brother and sister.

I miss not having a place to call home because not everyone is there. 

Service pupils of HHVCS




How can our school help you?

Having someone to talk to who understands how we feel.

Have someone to show them around and look after them so they have a friend. 

Have a welcome day so we can meet other people like us. 

Keeping in contact with our old friends and have help finding out about our new school we are moving to.

Have some fun activities together to help us when we feel sad and miss our family.

Have a leaving party to say goodbye to my friends - with pizza!

Service pupils of HHVCS


Mr Reg White and Mrs Emma Richards are our Service Pupils Liaison Team. In their role, they look after the wellbeing and support all of our military pupils and families at Haverfordwest High. During a Service Pupils life at Haverfordwest High, they have the option to speak to our Liaison Team directly, or any of our Pastoral team if they have any concerns or need support. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything with Mr White or Mrs Richards, please call 01437 774749. 



Forces Festival Song

In October 2023 HHVCS, in partnership with SSCE Cymru & Pembrokeshire County Council, held a Forces Festival. It was a  day filled with fun and activities, including sessions held by Forces Fitness, Poetry/song writing classes and a World War workshop. It was a brilliant opportunity for pupils within HHVCS to meet other Service children in the area, and many of the Cluster Schools attended the event.

Below is the song the children put together on the day, with the help of Never Such Innocence. 

The lyrics to the song can also be viewed below.


forces festival song pembrokeshire.pdf



Service Child Definitions

service child definitions.pdf




 If you require any further support from the individual Military Services, please see the links below.