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Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities - Gweithgareddau Allgyrsiol

Getting involved in sports clubs, societies, volunteering and competitions is a great way to meet new people, enjoy your time at school and ensure you strike a healthy balance between school work and your free time.

At Haverfordwest High VC School we offer a range of activities which cover everything from arts and crafts, drama, gaming, STEM, languages, debating, religious and cultural groups, and sports clubs.

Whether you aim to continue with a hobby you've been enjoying for a few years or try something completely new, you're almost certain to find a club or society that suits.

By taking part you'll build friendships and connections with new pupils, meet people from different backgrounds, and gain transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, organisation, problem solving and time management. It will also improve your confidence. Taking part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities will also look good on your CV or UCAS application – so get involved!

As well as the opportunities to take part in a wealth of activities during the school day, we are also busy offering a range of extra-curricular activities after school too.

If you love working in teams and discovering new limits for yourself, then the Duke of Edinburgh award might be for you. This is held twice a week after school, for students 14 years old and over. The Bronze Award will be on Mondays, and the Silver and Gold Awards will be held on Tuesdays at Pembrokeshire College. Please visit the Duke of Edinburgh page for more information.


And don't forget our Well-being Friday slots! Click here to find out more:

Our Well-Being Fridays Page

Information and updates about all of our extra-curricular activities can be found below:


Sports Extra-Curricular Timetable


If you are involved in a sports club or fixture, please see the FAQ below:


Sports Clubs Guidelines for Parents/Carers

When are the sports clubs? Clubs run throughout the week. Please refer to the extra-curricular timetable.

What time do they run?  They run from 3.15- 4.15.

What time shall I pick up my child? 

Students should make arrangements to be picked up from  school at 4.20 or walk home.

What do they need to bring?  Students will need a drink and their PE kit.

Who can attend? Clubs are open to anyone to attend, but are usually organised by year groups.

When do clubs start/end? Hockey, football and rugby season will normally run from September until Easter. Athletics will then take over for the last term

Fixtures Guidelines for Parents/Carers

When are fixtures?

Usually after school, however sometimes we may need to leave school early to arrive at the venue on time.

How are teams selected?

Teams are usually selected on their attendance to clubs, effort and performance in training sessions and lessons.

How do I know what the arrangements are?

Team lists and arrangements for the game are explained verbally, placed on the PE noticeboard by the changing rooms, on the daily news and announcements, and/or will be posted on a google classroom that your child can access prior to the game. Students are expected to make a note of the arrangements in their notebooks and inform parents/carers themselves.

What does my child need to bring for a fixture? Students will need to bring  a drink,  a mask for the bus, (if the game is away) PE kit and  safety gear (shin pads if appropriate).

How will they get to the venue if the game is away?

Students will travel by minibus or coach with members of the PE department.

Can parents watch?

We are happy for parents and carers to watch. For away games, you will need to contact the relevant school.

What time will it finish?

If the match is home, it is usually 5pm, if the game is away, it will depend on the venue but usually 5.30.
Please refer to specific arrangements given by the teacher as this may vary and is meant as a rough guide only.

How do I know if the game is cancelled? We will post information on the google classroom and on social media.

Opportunities with the Rotary Club

As well as these clubs, HHVCS also offers a wide range of competitions to take part in.

We are proud to be working with the Rotary to offer our young people to develop their skills and showcase their talents.  Look out for the exciting opportunities to be a part of the Interact Club which allows you to make a real difference while having fun. Every Interact club carries out two service projects a year: one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding. The club will meet at least twice a month and is sponsored by the local Rotary Club of Haverfordwest. 

 Other Rotary opportunities will be in the form of competitions such as:  

  • Youth Speaks
  • Young Chef
  • Young Photographer
  • Young Musician
  • Young Writer

… there is even an opportunity for first language Welsh speakers (and confident Welsh learners) to participate in the Young Writer competition bilingually – syniad gwych!

Sixth form students should be on the lookout for information regarding RYLA – the Rotary Young Leader Award – and the Youth Exchange programme where the successful applicants can learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens.